Karaoke with Brazilian Music Videos to Improve Portuguese Accent

December 20, 2010

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Singing is one of the best ways to learn Portuguese for free. With a CD into the stereo or a loaded up iPod, you can perfect your Portuguese pronunciation anywhere.

In my mind, there is only one downfall to singing your heart out anywhere and everywhere in Portuguese.

Sometimes you don’t understand the lyrics.

That’s why the Portuguese lyrics site Letras.mus.br is so perfect. You can search any Brazilian band’s free song lyrics then watch their music videos while reading along. The video screen scrolls down with your cursor so that you never miss a beat (or obscure street slang reference).

Reading lyrics in Portuguese while hearing a native Brazilian accent is extremely effective for improving pronuncation and memorizing vocabulary words. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to sing along.

And singing along is the whole point.

Even before I moved to Brazil and learned Portuguese I listened to Brazilian music in the United States. Though I couldn’t understand the lyrics I loved the beats, the style, the fusion of exotic instruments like the cuica with electronica or the berimbau with blues.

I constantly exposed myself to Brazilian music, which helped with my transition into a Portuguese speaker. However, now when I listen to those same songs I tend to block them out as background noise. Old habits die hard.

Letras.mus.br helped me rediscover songs that had become hum-along melodies because I stopped passively listening and began read the lyrics and sing along.

Here are some Brazilian artists songs’ I’ve been listening/reading/singing lately: Tribalistas, Gabriel O Pensador, Jorge Ben Jor, and Zeca Baleiro. Choose your own Brazilian soundtrack to life and begin singing TODAY.

TIP: If you don’t have an iTouch, iPad, or Kindle to access the online lyrics anywhere, then print off lyric sheets in order to read while listening with a normal music player.

DISCUSSION: What Brazilian band has the best lyrics for learning Portuguese?

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