This Book Will Talk

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This book has traversed the Americas. In chicken buses, river barges, even by bicycle. It has zigzagged climatic zones until running out of passport pages, and even then it pushed onward illegally. Please, forgive the sun screen stain on its wool sweater. The ‘traveled’ look is inevitable when you live the way this book has.

It has danced in coastal villages, shot tequila with mariachis, and swayed respectfully to the songs of Quecha elders. It has haggled in open-air markets at dawn and strolled ancient temples at dusk. Cobblestone cities are old intimate friends.

This book feels as at home chanting in the streets after a World Cup victory as discussing cultural differences at a dinner party. Regularly it’s invited to family gatherings where refusing second helpings is equivalent to social suicide. Dating is never a problem, just a simple question.

This book did all this first in Spanish, then in Portuguese.

Now it wants to teach you its secrets….


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